South Korea’s National Institute of Environmental Research Grants VOC-Exempt Status to ANGUS’ AMP Paint Additive

New classification for key paint ingredient provides South Korean formulators with greater flexibility and environmental benefits

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. – Dec. 16 2015 - ANGUS Chemical Company, a leading manufacturer and marketer of nitroalkanes and their derivatives, today announced that AMP®, a multifunctional specialty chemical that's widely used in latex paint formulations, is no longer classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC) by South Korea’s National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER). The NIER joins the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in granting AMP VOC-exempt status since its announcement last year.

“As South Korea’s coating industry remains dedicated to overcoming challenges attributed to the development of high-preforming, zero-VOC paints, AMP arms formulators with a powerful and dependable tool to meet their current and future needs,” said Mark Henning, president and chief executive officer at ANGUS Chemical Company. “Not only is this a momentous win for our customers, who will benefit from greater flexibility in formulation, but also for the consumer market as a whole, who now benefit from the desirable features AMP brings to paints when opting for zero-VOC products.”

AMP (2-Amino-2-methy1-1-propanol) offers a powerful solution for paint formulators looking to produce zero-VOC products. The compound offers comprehensive benefits including scrub resistance, optimal pigment dispersion, low odor, effective pH control and a positive safety and handling portfolio. The compound, which is already being used as a key ingredient in the majority of water-based paints, now allows paint companies to avoid reformulating with less-favorable neutralizers such as caustic soda or ammonia.

VOCs are compounds that react with other chemicals and nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere to form ground-level ozone and ultimately, harmful smog. ANGUS submitted a VOC-exemption petition to the EPA in October 2012 after tests performed at an independent lab confirmed that AMP meets or exceeds the agency's no-VOC benchmarks. The compound has low global warming potential, low ozone-depleting potential, a favorable toxicology profile and is not considered a hazardous air pollutant or toxic under other federal rules.

“In today’s marketplace, we’re seeing an increasing number of paint formulators and customers making purchasing decisions with environmental impact top of mind,” said Elicia Yee, regional business manager, Asia Pacific at ANGUS. “Our AMP offering provides a reliable solution for those seeking out products and ingredients classified as low-or no-VOC, allowing our customers to remain environmentally conscious without compromising on quality.”

AMP, a flagship molecule for ANGUS, is used in multiple industries, including paint and coatings, metalworking fluids and personal care. AMP has been the industry standard in architectural coatings for many years, as it yields many process enhancements and product performance benefits that cannot be achieved with other commercial alternatives.

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