An Interview With Michael Lewis, Business Vice President, United States and Canada

By: American Pharmaceutical Review

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September 30, 2015

Please tell me a little about ANGUS Chemical Company – its history and the markets it serves.

Centered on the promise, “we make the best perform better,” ANGUS brings more than 70 years of experience in the nitroalkanes space, offering many unique and proprietary chemistries for a wide range of markets including life sciences, personal care, paints & coatings and metalworking fluids. ANGUS was recently acquired by Golden Gate Capital, bringing a renewed commitment to ANGUS’ offerings and services through investment in research and development, expanding our staff of experts, and strengthening customer relationships.

What is TRIS AMINO Tromethamine and what are its benefits and advantages for pharmaceutical manufacturers?

TRIS AMINO is used in a host of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other life science applications, where it acts as a synthesis or analytical buffer, neutralizer, solubilizer and stabilizer. TRIS AMINO provides excellent pH buffering in the range of 7-9 and is an extremely stable compound.

What products are TRIS AMINO Tromethamine currently being used for and do you have plans to expand its uses to other pharmaceuticals?

TRIS AMINO is an established excipient and synthesis ingredient in several different pharmaceutical products. We are exploring options to provide the market with an API registered version to meet developing customer needs.

Looking forward, ANGUS plans to significantly increase the production capacity of TRIS AMINO, supporting requirements of the biotech and biopharmaceutical markets. We believe there will be increasing demand for TRIS AMINO produced in our fully-integrated, documented and controlled manufacturing environment. This expansion is just one way we are supporting our commitment to growth in the life sciences industry.

Please tell me about your manufacturing facilities for TRIS AMINO Tromethamine and the cGMPs you employ to guarantee it meets the specifications of your clients.

The TRIS AMINO manufacturing process complies with cGMPs and our facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified. One of our products, TRIS AMINO Ultra Pure, is multi-compendia compliant - including USP, EP and JP.

We welcome customer audits as improvement opportunities to incorporate best-in-class practices into our manufacturing operation. We operate on a philosophy of always being “audit-ready”, which means no special preparation is required to host an audit. Auditors see what we do on a regular basis, every day.

Are there additional services you offer relating to TRIS AMINO Tromethamine? How do they further the value of the product and help your pharmaceutical customers?

ANGUS also operates a cGMP packaging site in Niagara Falls, NY, where we provide testing and packaging services supporting life sciences, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical customers. We have created custom package configurations for a number of customers. Custom packaging can eliminate the need to manage partial packages, which remain in inventory and can create supply chain challenges.

In the next five years do you see the company expanding its offerings to the pharmaceutical industry? If so, what types of products do you plan to introduce?

We continue evolving to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry - especially in academia and research, where we plan to make our unique chemistries more available to those seeking new synthesis ingredients. Single-use bioreactors create challenges and opportunities for many customers, and ANGUS is exploring ways to help them utilize these technologies most effectively. We are committed to adapting with this market to provide raw materials and services meeting demanding standards. If a customer has an unmet need today, we would like to understand that and be part of providing the solution to accelerate delivery of important new discoveries to the world.

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