In the world of metalworking, having a long-lasting, globally approved fluid with great lubricity helps reduce costs and improves productivity. To meet demand for a better performing product, Biosolutions turned to ANGUS Chemical Company for help in developing an improved fluid that would also be environmentally sustainable.

The situation

Biosolutions’ current coolant formulation worked well for two to three weeks, but its performance would rapidly decrease within two months. Adam Bringedahl and Joe Saviano, scientists at Biosolutions, hypothesized that microbial contamination was metabolizing important components, decreasing product performance and shortening product life.

Working together, Biosolutions and ANGUS began investigating whether CORRGUARD EXT, a multifunctional primary amino alcohol, would extend the life of the fluid and improve its performance.

Test, and then retest

For nine months, various formulations were tested using CORRGUARD EXT and several other amines, including dicyclohexylamine (DCHA). In simulated production conditions, bacterial and fungal counts, pH and cast-iron corrosion were monitored weekly.

The results were conclusive. Two fluids containing CORRGUARD EXT—the experimental Trial Product 1 and Biosolutions’ new commercial product Bio 9001—outlasted the others by 250 percent and yielded considerably less tooling wear (see chart below).


The right formulation

Biosolutions continued the reformulation process, replacing several other components before arriving at the final product, an oil-rejecting synthetic fluid. This formulation contained CORRGUARD EXT as the main amine component, as well as a new biocide system.

The new formulation, called Bio 9001, provides many benefits to mill operators, including:

  • A useful life exceeding six times that of the prior formula, generating savings in fluid, maintenance, tool replacement and labor costs (see photos below).
  • Improved overall equipment efficiency (OEE) of 30 percent.
    • Increased mill capacity due to less down time replacing fluid.
    • Smoother running mills, creating less wear and fewer tool replacements.
    • More parts and higher revenue over the life of the mill.
  • A cleaner mill and reduced cleaning costs due to excellent tramp oil rejection and regular removal, preventing further microbial growth and allowing fluid components, such as CORRGUARD EXT, to continue to do their jobs.

Next steps

The new fluid is successfully running on Biosolutions’ customers’ rolling mills, primarily used to manufacture automotive parts in the United States and China. Biosolutions is working with regulatory agencies to expand the use of the new fluid globally including Europe, Mexico and Thailand. In addition, based on the success of Bio 9001, Biosolutions is testing CORRGUARD EXT in other formulations, including Biosolutions Emerald CNC, a longer-lasting fluid for computer numerical control (CNC) machining (see photos below).

ANGUS has the formulating expertise, product and technology solutions to assist you with your needs. Our breakthrough innovation, CORRGUARD EXT, enables longer-lasting metalworking fluids with improved pH stability and multimetal compatibility.
  • Significantly lengthens fluid life in the presence of registered biocides
  • Maintains good pH stability without excessive alkalinity
  • Excellent for multi-metal formulations (reduces need for buffering amines and phosphorusbased staining inhibitors)
  • Resists extraction into tramp oil
  • Excellent maintenance of ferrous metal corrosion control
  • Biodegradable in the environment

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