Trometamol Tris

ANGUS TRIS AMINO – Integrated Synthesis, Reliable, Traceable & Secure

Watch this short presentation by ANGUS Global Customer Application Specialist Dr. Yeo Kim Long to learn more about the importance of working with an experienced and reliable manufacturer and how ANGUS Life Sciences can provide a secure and fully traceable supply chain across its global operations.

Plus, learn about our latest biological buffer innovation, TRIS AMINO HCl Prime, an excipient for a superior buffer system and unmatched purity and control in biologic manufacturing.

Contact us to discover how a secure, 100% traceable supply chain of TRIS AMINO can help control elemental impurities and improve your biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.


TRIS AMINO, generically known as tris, tris base or tromethamine, is a critical chemical in biopharmaceutical manufacturing used for purification, bioprocessing and protein stabilization. ANGUS patented its high-quality TRIS AMINO industrial manufacturing process more than 50 years ago and is still the world’s only fully integrated manufacturer of tris.

Enhancing Biologics Production

Any process variation in complex manufacturing, like biologic development, can have costly effects. Trace metals are some of the most common impurities and contaminants in biological processes and can disrupt peptide mapping, and cause protein precipitation and instability. That’s why TRIS AMINO HCl Prime offers the lowest levels of elemental impurities on the market for bioprocessing, purification and stabilization needs, in combination with TRIS AMINO Ultra Pure.

A Secure Supply Chain with Global Reach and Local Focus

A direct relationship with ANGUS means a fully traceable and auditable supply chain back to base materials, which allows for consistent manufacturing and ensures biological and drug integrity and safety. ANGUS is committed to meeting the changing needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets, and is always innovating. ANGUS’ five Customer Application Centers strategically located around the world offer tailor-made solutions and packaging to meet industry needs.