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When it comes to producing some of the world’s most needed drug therapies, the keys to success can be found in the components used in the myriad steps that drive your results. In critical drug discovery, formulation and manufacturing stages—you want to make sure that key factors such as stability, consistency, quality and compliance are controlled and completely aligned across the entire product lifecycle.

ANGUS Life Sciences understands this and as your established primary source of specialized chemistries you can count on, we’re committed to solving your biggest challenges.

Get the assurance you look for when you work with ANGUS experts and superior products produced at globally compliant cGMP facilities.

Premium pharmaceutical offerings.

As the only fully integrated manufacturer of TRIS AMINO (CAS 77-86-1) in the world, ANGUS Life Sciences offers unique products delivering key performance advantages you look for, such as chemical stabilization in aqueous solutions and mild alkalinity for buffering at physiological pH ranges.

ANGUS Life Sciences also understands that having a dependable Tris supply is of the utmost importance for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Secure your supply through ANGUS Life Sciences’ sustainable supply chain with 100% traceability and responsible manufacturing practices that provide consistent reliability and peace of mind.

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TRIS AMINO ULTRA PURE (USP/EP) 2-amino-2-hydroxymethyl-1,3-propanediol White, crystalline powder
TRIS AMINO ULTRA PURE (USP/EP/JP) 2-amino-2-hydroxymethyl-1,3-propanediol White, crystalline powder

ANGUS Life Sciences Capabilities

In addition to advancing pharmaceutical applications, ANGUS Life Sciences provides additional resources, including special testing, custom blending and specialized packaging—key foundational support systems for the formulation, manufacturing and delivery of successful life sciences product lines:


• cGMP custom and private labeling service
• Barcoding
• Custom packaging – 10g to 100kg and larger
• Multiple container options


• Global sourcing capabilities
• Formalized qualification process
• Supplier rating and audit program
• Non-animal origin


• cGMP
• ISO 9001:2008 certified
• Biological testing (RNase, DNase, Protease, Endotoxin, Bioburden)
• Technical service
• Multi-compendia products


• cGMP warehousing
• Inventory reservation (pre-shipment sampling)
• Same day shipment

Sales/Customer Service

• Same day order/delivery
• Source information
• Bulk and custom pricing
• Confirmation of customer specifications
• Dedicated CSRs